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How to Build a Flex-Yurt !

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Our story's Flex Yurt

“Creating your own house” in the dominant western society can sound hard : you need concrete, foundations, straight angles and all what is necessary to get best comfort.. at a high price, making this an almost impossible investmet to hold up.

For those who have the nomadic and handy soul (or not, you will see that it’s accessible to all), there is the Flex-Yurt !

Flex Yurt is a habitat :
transportable in a long car
portable by 2 persons
1hour to set up and dismantle (with tarpaulin protection)
environmental friendly : with natural and recycled materials.

We did several flexyurts… here the normal size one in numbers :

– for the wall : height ~1m60, Ø ~3m60 (unfolded ), 48 bamboos, 336 holes, 128 pieces of rope
– for the roof : 24 bamboos, 96 holes, 48 pieces of rope : this the link explaining all the construction, in french. Mesures Flex yourte
And now, here is how we did, in pictures :

On you will find also all the informations, in particular a calculator which calculates dimensions of your flex-yurt online !

À Sunseed Desert Technology près d´Almeria

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