The Zipper Binder For Professional Use
When a professional hears the term "zipper binder" he or she may first think of the Trapper Keeper they used all those years ago in school. In fact, what should come to mind is an efficiently designed slim briefcase. A zipper binder is a great tool that belongs in the hands of any worker who ever has to bring his or her files and documents from home to work or on the road during a business trip.

The three-ring binder system inside a zipper binder makes it nearly impossible for files to become disorganized once they have been hole punched and placed in the binder.
Many zipper binders come in professional colors and designs, with sleek leather (or faux leather) exteriors and snappy handles that turn them into a fashion accessory that looks as smart as it functions. Simply put, if your work ever necessitates travels or always means a commute with files and papers in tow, your work merits a zippered binder.
Taber Koeghan
Dividers are a life saver, especially if you are purchasing a 3-inch binder or bigger. Divider inserts are sturdy with tabs at the end to separate sections of the binder with ease. Tabs are clear or come in many colors to make organization a breeze. Many dividers are also equipped with pockets on each side for additional storage. Customize your binder to make it work for you. Divide your binder into sections by date, subject, importance or alphabetical order. Divider inserts will help give you quicker access to your papers when you need them most.
Five Star 2-inch Zipper Binder and Multi-Access File
Five Star Binders are some of the best around and this Multi-Access File offers everything you need in a zipper binder without being too cumbersome to carry around. Five Star zipper binders are known for their quality, so there won’t be any need to replace your binder halfway through the school year.

This binder specializes in keeping all of your three-hole punched papers secure while offering ample storage for all other handouts. The compact design of the binder will serve note taking needs but will fit snugly in a medium-sized backpack. If you want to carry it on its own, you’re in luck. The durable handle won’t tear from too much weight, meaning it can be handled on its own and dedicated to one handout-heavy class if needed.
Using acrylic paint is a fun way to add color and easily wash up with water.
Or washable markers are another easy way to let your child customize their supplies. It is also an easy way for them to label their supplies. For a more structured approach you could first draw a design in pencil and allow your kids to fill the picture in.
Using scraps of paper or cut outs from old magazines to collage onto the binder with Mod Podge™ is a fun way to add color and personality to your school binder as well.
The inside features two pockets which are useful for holding loose pieces of papers.

These binders are, overall, sturdy. However, if the student who uses it is particularly hard on their things, it might not last forever. However, because of the low price point, it’s easy and cheap to replace the binder, should it break..